Welcome to MAGMAacademy

With the slogan "Learning from Each Other," the MAGMAacademy offers a portfolio aimed at improving the understanding of everything casting process simulation offers and, in turn, increasing the profitable use of simulation within your business. To achieve this goal, we offer various opportunities for further education in different areas throughout your company:


  • Training: Training courses for MAGMASOFT® users
  • Workshops: Focused on specific knowledge and skills for an improved and more efficient use of simulation and a successful implementation of its results in daily operations.
  • Seminars: In-depth look at the state-of-the-art capabilities offered by casting process simulation, for users or for other interested groups who typically do not work directly with MAGMASOFT® but wish to profit from the information provided by simulation results (e.g. engineers, technicians, production managers, quality assurance staff, casting designers, casting buyers or managers).


We  look forward to welcoming you at one of our educational offerings in the newly opened training center in Singapore!