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Take advantage of our wide range of regular software trainings. The offers include:


  • Basic Training: Learn the basic use of the simulation program MAGMA5.
  • Process Training: Following the basic training more knowledge will be shared in the process training. In these sessions you will learn material- or process-specific basics for the application of MAGMA5. These include Iron, steel, die-cast or for advanced applications distortion, cracks, casting stresses by heat treatment. Develop new skills through the simulation of specific process steps in the foundry (eg. core production).
  • Update training: Provides an overview of all new and enhanced software features to work effectively with the latest version of MAGMA5.


Benefit from the practical knowledge of our certified trainers and develop new skills through the effective application of simulation. In the training the trainers go on a process-specific requirements for the simulation or a specific material.



We offer the following courses:

Basic Training

The basic courses are aimed at new customers or new users of existing MAGMA customers. You will learn the basics for the everyday use of the current version of the software MAGMA5.

Process I Training

The Process I Training extends the knowledge gained during basic training and focuses on widening the application for the relevant material- or process-specific applications or modules of MAGMA5.

Process II Training

The process training II focuses on the effective use of the respective process or material-specific functionalities based on specific applications or problems.

Update Training

The Update Training is for users who are currently working with MAGMA5 and have recently changed to the new version of MAGMA5 Rel. 5.3.

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