Competence and Development

Competence and development with MAGMA

Success requires Experts


Melting Theory with Practice. Metal casting brings many worlds together. Like a melting pot, our industry blends science, technology, and experience from a diverse mixture of fields: from steel to light metal alloys; ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy; sand and permanent mold technologies. At MAGMA we are prepared to be a central piece of the puzzle in this endeavor. Foundries and casting suppliers worldwide rely on us in meeting the demands placed on them. We work with you to bring all the facets of your organization together, creating success today and ensuring its continuity well into the future.


Interdisciplinary Innovation. Casting processes offer a multitude of complexity that need to be mastered by the foundryman and by simulation tools. Every day, knowledge and experience from the unrivalled pool of foundry competence formed by the casting experts within MAGMA's subsidiary and partner network flows directly into the software development process. This knowledge is supplemented by input, ideas and experimental results from a wide range of industrial partners and our constantly growing customer base. MAGMA's development group, an international team made up of foundry and mechanical engineers, physicists, mathematicians, and material and computer scientists - together with a worldwide network of development partners at universities and institutes - is uniquely suited to implement this information into new and innovative solutions that make simulating the complexity of foundry processes easy to use.


Trendsetting. Casting process simulation as it is known today has been decisively influenced by MAGMA, because we have always had a clear vision of what simulation should be. Joining the knowledge and experience of foundry engineers with the technical expertise of researches and software developers, the realization of this vision has - with the support of strategic partners and customers - been consequently pursued at MAGMA.


Our Objective. We aim to continue to set the standard by combining our casting and development competence in realizing our vision for casting process simulation to your benefit. This is not only because we are fascinated with casting, but because we still see a large potential in using simulation to make casting more productive, more reliable and more profitable.




Optimierte Lebensdauervorhersage von Gusseisen aufgrund lokaler Gefügekenngrößen

Optimierte Lebensdauervorhersage von Gusseisen aufgrund lokaler Gefügekenngrößen

Unterschiede in der Mikrostruktur beeinflussen bei Gusseisen wesentlich die mechanischen Eigenschaften. Gefüge und lokale Fehlstellen im...