How does casting process simulation with MAGMA5 help me?

Simulating the casting process with MAGMA5 provides foundries with technological and competitive advantages that increase profits and aid in the optimization of the entire casting process. MAGMA5 helps foundries eliminate sources of wasted energy and wasted materials, which leads to lower manufacturing costs and lessens the foundries impact on the environment. Casting process simulation with MAGMA5 offers foundries opportunities for cost reduction and value creation throughout the entire operation. More information on the benefits can be found in the following chapters:

Why MAGMA5 - an overview of benefits


  • is economical and fast: answers to challenging technical questions are provided in a timely manner.
  • is user friendly: can be used immediately by any foundry expert.
  • is practical and describes the entire casting process in detail.
  • is complete and modularly expandable, so no additional programs are needed to answer casting specific questions.
  • is comprehensive: parameters and process steps that impact casting quality, such as machining and heat treatment, can be considered.
  • automates and standardizes processes: production parameters and casting technologies are standardized and documented within project versions and data bases.
  • is integrated into your system: all necessary information can be imported from other CAD packages or exported to finite element packages.
  • promotes technical competency: technical understanding of the entire process is achieved through the 3-dimensional visualization of the entire process at all points in time.
  • is a safe investment, as it is developed and supported by the worldwide market leader with the largest development capacity.