Interpretation of Simulation and Optimization Results

Prerequisites: Process Training I (recommended) 

Duration: 2 days

About the course:

In this workshop we present well-established strategies for adjusting your work with MAGMASOFT® to the specific requirements of your company. You will systematically evaluate simulation and optimization results using practical examples and develop your own strategies for their implementation.

Course Overview: 

  • Which results are important for the given project?
  • In which order should the results be evaluated?
  • Which information can you extract from the results?
  • Which findings and measures can be derived from simulation and autonomous engineering?
  • How can I find the best possible design for my casting?

 Intended audience:

  • MAGMASOFT® users


  • MAGMAacademy Singapore OR
  • Customer site (onsite fee applies)


  • Sand Mold Casting
  • Permanent Mold Casting
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