MAGMAproject – Metal Casting Project Engineering Service

MAGMAproject is the metal casting simulation project engineering service that we provide to our existing & non-existing clients who are seeking for a comprehensive solution on process optimization using our well proven MAGMA APPROACH methodology together with our experts who are experienced foundry engineers, metallurgical specialists and mechanical engineers. With more than 20 experts in Asia and more than 75 experts worldwide, we perform several hundred industrial projects yearly around the globe. 

Are you challenged with casting defects like porosities, shrinkage, hot spots, cold shut, inclusions, misruns, hot tears, cracks or others? Every day millions of dollars are wasted in repairs, material wastage and unnecessary energy consumption. We know metal casters have a tough job to find a good balance between casting quality and cost efficiency.

We know metal casters have a tough job to find a good balance between casting quality and cost efficiency. Finding a solution requires the right tool, expertise, time and a structured approach.

Our experts use the full range of the MAGMASOFT® product portfolio to provide simulation solutions fit to your needs, overcome capacity bottlenecks, extend your process expertise, or independently secure results. We can help you toIdentify the root causes of defects and resolve them.

  • Identify the root causes of defects and resolve them
  • Improve casting quality
  • Increase yield
  • Optimize casting parameters
  • Reduce production costs
  • Get new product knowledge and venture into new markets

Our experts compile and document step-by-step improvements and potential solutions - from a simple solidification simulation, to a full factorial design of experiments (DoE) or an autonomous optimization of your casting process. MAGMAproject supports you in designing robust products and processes within the scope of your degrees of freedom.

We provide qualified services for:

  • High- and low-pressure die casting
  • Permanent mold and gravity die casting
  • Iron castings including DISA
  • Steel casting
  • Investment casting
  • Core shooting

And to make use of the full potential of your MAGMASOFT® simulation results, we provide our results and can offer customized recommendations in form of:

  • PPT and/or .PDF - Report
  • Video presentation online
  • On-site Presentation
  • Full Implementation Consultation
  • Feedback Sessions & Expert Discussions
  • ROI & Dedicated Management Report

If you would like to know more about MAGMASOFT®’s capabilities, please have a look at our case studies, references and publications and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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