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MAGMA is a worldwide leading developer and supplier of software for simulation and virtual optimization of casting processes. The simulation software MAGMASOFT ® enables the establishment of robust conditions and optimized casting layouts for all cast materials and processes, mainly for automotive and mechanical engineering.

Worldwide, MAGMA employs more than 220 people in development, support, sales and training, of which about 60 are located in Asia and 15 of them in our Asia headquarter in Singapore providing technical support and services to our customers and subsidiaries in Asia.

We make our customers challenges our own: a technological and quality focused production through robust conditions and optimized casting layouts. Our software product MAGMASOFT® is a virtual foundry, supporting our customers to set up robust component designs and secured castings through virtual experimentation and autonomous optimization, finding the best compromise between technical and economical requirements. To reach maximum benefits, MAGMA offers an extensive range of customer support, engineering services as well as continuous education and qualification at the MAGMAacademy.

MAGMA is able to meet these challenges, working as a team of competent, creative and engaged people from all over the world. We profit from the diverse cultural and interdisciplinary background of our employees and support them by continuous skills development and by offering them a fitting work environment that leaves space for creativity and independence as well as a good work-life balance.

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