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Technology and its application through the simulation of the casting process is a known means of improving quality and productivity. It allows designers to advance the development of castings while allowing users to produce robust casting processes effectively. This leads to reduced delivery times, reduced costs and helps with communication at all levels of an organization. This is achieved through direct user training with a focus on software and education programs targeted at the indirect user.

MAGMAacademy Singapore is an educational training program based on casting practice and which enable a professional use of the various MAGMASOFT® applications.  Aimed at customers and users, this program consists of basic, advanced, expert training, special projects focused on the customer's needs and technical workshops and seminars.

In our wide spectrum of trainings, you as a user learn how to handle the software and make efficient use of it. You will continuously evolve from professional user to expert along the MAGMA ACADEMY STEPS, learning how to methodologically apply the MAGMA APPROACH and will systematically use it combined with Autonomous Engineering. By attending our seminars, you will obtain the required alloy/ process specific knowledge for the successful implementation in your company. As a user of MAGMASOFT® results, you will acquire the relevant know-how for the purposeful implementation of measures in your organization.

Our mission is to provide educational resources for software users and assist in integrating casting process optimization across the organization, increasing the efficiency when using MAGMASOFT®.

Your Path with the MAGMAacademy


By attending our trainings and events, you will your increase your understanding of the possibilities of virtually optimizing your casting materials and processes: with Autonomous Engineering from the casting design to the robust process. We will show you how to identify and prevent potential casting defects before the first part is cast.



In our events, you will learn how to verify design decisions and additionally develop the best solution with Autonomous Engineering. By efficiently adopting the MAGMA APPROACH, you will learn how to purposefully carry out virtual experiments. The possibilities of virtual optimization will help you to identify and optimize robust process windows already in the planning phase.



An understanding across all departments and processes of the possibilities of MAGMASOFT® ensures the successful implementation in your company: Use your knowledge purposefully to prevent scrap early on and reliably produce the required quality. You will reduce your development times and increase your competitiveness.

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