With the new MAGMASOFT® LEARNING WORLD, you as a MAGMASOFT® user with a valid maintenance status have access to the learning content of the MAGMAacademy training courses. Our blended learning offer is excellently suited for continuously practicing newly acquired knowledge after the attendance phase and thus sustainably increasing the benefit of your MAGMASOFT® application.


Blended learning means "mixed learning". This refers to our diverse education programs that offer a combination of classroom training sessions and virtual online learning scenarios. Here, the different methods build on each other and complement each other, enabling you to use the full potential of MAGMASOFT®.


Blended learning is also excellent for learning independently of a tightly scheduled daily routine. This self-directed online phase is thus a practical supplement to classroom training with a fixed date.


You attend each of the events, according to the MAGMA ACADEMY STEPS. After the basic and process training I, you attend the in-depth process training II and/or the training on virtual design of experiments and optimization about 6 to 8 weeks later.

During the time between the classroom sessions, you will use the MAGMASOFT® LEARNING WORLD to repeat and deepen your knowledge.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the software, you can continue learning together with other users in one of our workshops.


With the MAGMASOFT® LEARNING WORLD, you efficiently combine your classroom training at the MAGMAacademy with online phases:

  • You take advantage of the intensive exchange with the trainers and other participants in the classroom events.
  • You decide yourself when, where and on which device you want to continue learning.
  • In this way, you continue your education and develop the full potential of MAGMASOFT®.

Hear from our customers

“A course that exceeded my expectations overall. The trainer managed to teach and simplify something that was complex. I appreciate his patience and his industry knowledge plus his experience in answering the questions that I had.”

Alvin Lim, Global Factory Manager  

Aluputer Industrial Pte Ltd

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