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MAGMA CC: Electromagnetic Stirring in Continuous Casting Process

  • Electromagnetic stirring (EMS) are widely used to optimize the product quaity in continuous casting processes of steel
  • Robust and optimized processes by optimizing flow conditions influenced through EMS
  • Integrated calculation of Lorenz force coupled with convective flow
  • Effectivity by increasing the productivity and reducing energy consumption
Publication in Area of Continuous Casting

Autonomous Mathematical Optimization of Continuous Casting Processes


Wilfried Schäfer, Götz Hartmann, Erik Hepp, MAGMA GmbH, Aachen, Germany
Dieter G. Senk, Sonja Stratemeier, IEHK RWTH Aachen University, Germany

The publication introduces a numerical simulation based optimization strategy, following rigorous thermodynamic and thermo mechanical models as well as a strictly methodic approach.

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