In our wide spectrum of MAGMASOFT® trainings, you as a user learn how to handle the software and make efficient use of it. By adopting the MAGMA APPROACH, we help you to develop a methodical procedure for the systematic and efficient use of MAGMASOFT®.

  • How can you reach a robust process layout and optimize processes in your company with MAGMASOFT®?
  • Which options are available to you for reaching your goals?
  • Which criteria can you use to measure the improvements?
  • How do you focus on the most important influencing parameters?
  • How do you proceed to reach your goals in the most efficient way?
  • Which measures do you take and how do you track their implementation?

By systematically adopting the MAGMA APPROACH, you learn about the target-oriented use of MAGMASOFT®. Groups with a maximum of six participants ensure that you benefit from educational offerings that are individual as well as intensive.


In different dedicated training courses, which are based on each other, you learn how to work with MAGMASOFT® and make efficient use of it.

You will first attend a basic training course and will then receive a special process-oriented training (e.g. for iron, steel or high pressure die casting). By taking these training courses, you will learn how to use simulation and autonomous engineering for specific casting processes as well as for specific materials based on practical examples.

We offer the following training sessions:

Basic Training

Fundamental functionalities of casting process are explained, step by step on how to use the software, project perspective, modelling techniques & criteria, mesh generation, definition of process parameters and... read more

Advanced Training

Provides profound knowledge for casting simulation focused on Evaluation of Case Studies with result interpretations and their combination for better understanding of individual casting processes... read more

Expert Training

Focuses on the theoretical basis for the calculation of thermally induces casting stresses and strains as well as residual stresses in cast components and molds... read more

Autonomous Engineering Training

Autonomous Engineering Training where significant features and functions relevant are presented in this training based on objectives of the MAGMA APPROACH... read more

Specialized Training

The Training is aimed at users who have already attended a MAGMASOFT® Advanced Training and are now wanting to learn about specific modules... read more

Update Training

The upgrade training is offered when a major software version change or upgrade is released. Users of MAGMASOFT® who completed Advanced Training will find it easier and faster... read more

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