The following examples demonstrate how our customers successfully utilize MAGMASOFT® in order to realize better casting quality, cost savings or reduction of development times.


Casting Distortions During Solution Treatment

Aluminum castings are often heat-treated to increase mechanical properties and simultaneously ... read more

Solving a Weighty Cracking Problem

Wheel weights are used on farm machinery to improve traction, as well as to balance tractors ... read more

Checking Out Heat Checking

Die casting tooling usually has a limited lifetime due to thermal fatigue cracking or ‘heat ... read more

Optimal Casting – Local Specification

The gating and riser layout for this ductile iron casting was optimized with MAGMASOFT®. ... read more

Stresses That Could Bring You to Boiling

A boiler manufacturer approached MAGMA with a problem where a casting had failed in use. ... read more

Gates Designed to Reduce Stress

Warping is a typical problem for die casters. ... read more

Avoiding Casting Cracking During Machining

A load of cast iron machine beds was manufactured and shipped as-cast to the end user. ... read more

Keeping Thin-Walled Castings Straight

Through the production of complex, thin-walled structural castings in light alloys, the foundry ... read more

Everything Counts – Stresses From Each Manufacturing Step

Using knowledge about thermally induced casting stresses in design and manufacturing is gaining ... read more

Engine Blocks Full of Stress

Cast iron engine blocks can be found in more than half of all passenger cars. ... read more